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Photos Building area m² Plot area m² Short description Price
299284,0047,00Paros Stone houses for Sale - for restoration. Paros Stone House 84.00m2 with panoramic views of the surroundings .Real estate Cyclades.88.000,00€
2989250,004.705,00Agios Nikolaos stone houses for Sale-available. Agios Nikolaos Stone House 250.00m2 with sea views .Real estate East Crete.450.000,00€
2972309,00200,00Rethymno Stone House for Sale-restored. Rethymno Stone House 309.00m2 with landscape views .Real estate North Crete.244.000,00€
2971105,0070,00Rethymno Stone House for Sale-for restoration. Rethymno Stone House 105.00m2 with landscape views .Real estate North Crete.69.000,00€
2970145,00250,00South Crete houses for sale,Agia Galini in the village, with private garden, shaded terrace and sea view.100.000,00€
2963183,006.353,00Paros Stone House for Sale-available. Paros Stone House 183.00m2 with panoramic views of the surroundings .Real estate Cyclades.180.000,00€
2948120,00130,00Rethymno traditional houses for Sale. Rethymno stone House with panoramic views of the surroundings . Real estate North Crete.130.000,00€
2932140,00250,00South Crete traditional Stone House for Sale. Agia Galini Stone House with ,panoramic views of the surroundings . Real estate South Crete.80.000,00€
2928154,001.030,00A large fully restored three bedroom house with gardens and sea views220.000,00€
2927180,00250,00Rethymno Stone houses for Sale.Rethymno Stone House 180m2, for restoration with ,sea views . Real estate North Crete.80.000,00€

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