Why to construct a residence
The construction of a house is a more time-consuming option compared with buying an existing house, but with many advantages in many respects.
House Construction Advantages
·         Architectural Design that combines the functional needs with the budget affordability.
·         New construction with low energy consumption in winter and summer.
·         Earthquake Resistant Structures designed according to Eurocodes (European standard analysis and design).
·         Control and selection of the construction materials
Construction Steps

Search and purchase of land
The first step in building a house is finding the land that best suits your needs in terms of location, area and to your financial requirements. The sales department of our office has more than 2000 plots in Crete where you can find the land that meets all your requirements.
Our technical department in collaboration with experienced lawyers ensures the legality and the buildable plot you are interested in before buying:
-Legality and contract history of the plot.
-Approvals of Forestry and Archaeology
-Buildability Certificate from the local Building Office.

Plans and Studies
In this phase, we make the plans of the whole project, depending on your needs and on the land of the plot. The most important studies needed for the Building Permit and the Construction are the following:
-Architectural Studies
-Exterior Space Design
-Energy Studies
-Structural Design

ConstructionCost – TimeSchedule
After the completion of the studies we create the analytical construction budget and the time schedule from the day of issuance of the building permit to the day that the project is ready.

Building Permit
The building permit is an important part of the construction phase as all the necessary studies are delivered to the local Building Serviceand after theissuance of the Building Permit, we can begin the works of the construction.

Construction Supervision
The first part of the construction phase includes the collection of the offers for the working crews and the materials, to achieve the optimal solution financially and technically, stepping on the budget that is already estimated from the architectural studies phase. The construction is carried out by experienced crews, chosen by our engineers, who supervise the works of every aspect of the construction process. The owner is informed every week for the process of the construction with full financial and technical details such as materialselection or architectural preferences.


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