Property Management


If you are planning to buy a property for holidays, long stay or letting purposes it is wise to consider the maintenance of the property during your absence. If you are only able to spend a few weeks a year in your holiday home you do not want to be faced with an overgrown garden or a swimming pool that you cannot use during the first week of your stay. It is wise to have a trustworthy key holder who will check your property periodically and arrange (with your permission) for any emergency repairs to be carried out.

A property that is offered for renting out, especially for short term or holiday lets will need regular cleaning, laundry changes, pool and garden maintenance. One needs to be able to contact a general handyman who can be called upon to do minor repairs and to replace tap washers and shower heads for instance, when necessary.

Euroimmo is now offering Property Management for owners who want first class care for their Property in Crete.

Owning a second home or holiday home in Crete is a dream come true for many people, and we can help to make that dream problem free.

We offer a full Property Management Services from key holding, Property Inspections and Villa Management, as well as rental Management and cleaning if needed. We insure that your investment will receive the best possible care and attention, you can be confident that your investment is in safe hands and if rented, your guests leave with the highest praise for your property and our service.

Why use a professional Management and maintenance services Company?

  1. To ensure that your investment receives the best possible care and attention so you can be confident that your home is secure and in good hands with a fully insured and registered company.
  2. If you're not in Crete yourself, you need to know that there's someone who you can trust to ensure everything runs smoothly. What happens if a pipe bursts, a window gets broken, or the swimming pool pump breaks down?
  3. To keep the property free from any problems this could arise with a property being empty for long periods or rental problems.

When you visit your home in Crete, it is unlikely that you would want to spend time cleaning, repairing and finding local contractors instead of relaxing and enjoying your break, employing a management company can be of benefit. We can arrange for tradesmen to take care of these specific problems on your behalf, leaving you to relax and enjoy your home in Crete.




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