In co-operation with experienced Builders, we provide our assistance in order to restore,renovate or re-construct your House, preserving its traditional character, according to your wishes


In co-operation with experienced architects and builders our agency is taking over the construction of building projects, as well as private villas.

Courtyard Bathroom Bedroom Delivery


Many people dream of owning a traditional stone house, with graceful stone arches and a vine shaded courtyard. However they are often deterred by concerns over restoration costs and who will do the necessary work, especially in their absence.

We can offer assistance by contacting a local builder who will give a summary of the work which in his opinion needs to be done and an estimate of the cost. The work can be carried out in full, in part, or in stages, as many owners like to do part of the finishing work themselves. It is good to remember that at present building materials and labour cost less than they do in the UK.

One advantage of restoring an old property is that owners add their own preferences to the property and each house is entirely unique.

There are many advantages of living within a village community, one may only be able to manage a few greetings in the Greek language but a few words and gestures go a long way. A simple yeia sas will bring a smile and a returned greeting. On learning that you are joining the community neighbours will arrive to welcome you with bottles of wine, or the fiery raki, fruit and vegetables from their gardens and a plate of cheese pies or biscuits. In no time at all you will be invited to weddings and baptisms and every other celebration that takes place in the village.

I had not been residing for very long in my village before one of my neighbours invited me for a morning coffee; whilst we sat catching up on family news someone called from the next house. He was invited to join us, and I was introduced, he refused coffee saying we should celebrate by having a tsikoudia (raki). The hostess duly fetched bottle and glasses and a platter with cheese and a variety of salad and nuts. We were then greeted by another neighbour who was of course invited to meet me, another raki. Five minutes later footsteps in the lane heralded a passer-by, they too were invited to join the gathering. I tried to prevent the continual re-filling of my glass, by holding it close and just taking the occasional sip. Two hours later I made my excuse to leave , "I must prepare lunch for my husband." "Tell him to join us or let him get his own lunch" was the reply as I walked rather unsteadily to the gate.


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