The property prices in our web site have been professionally estimated and agreed with vendors regardless of the perspective of the purchasers nationality, and we believe them to be a fair reflection of local market values.

It's worth bearing in mind that whilst gazumping is not unknown, by utilizing our buying and selling system, your interests can be safe-guarded.


Additional purchase costs include the Notary Public, Lawyer's and other fees, and a purchase tax on the property.

Our interpreter will be on hand to translate documents, answer your questions and generally guide you throughout the purchase process.

Monies brought or transferred into Greece, require an official Import Document (pink slip) in order to be freely taken out of the country at a later date.

Transactions can either be completed here in Crete, where a pink slip will be issued by the bank, or alternatively at the Greek Consulates abroad.

Should you wish to sell property, we would be happy to take instruction on a sole or joint agency basis; on the understanding of no sale, no fee.Your property would be advertised not only in Crete but also in the U.K., Germany, Holland, France, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Belgium, Holland and Italy.


Euroimmo can advise on a wide range of subjects. We also provide the following: Property restoration, House construction, (in co-operation with experienced local architects & builders) and Property maintenance/management. We can arrange as a free service Long term letting and short term letting for clients who wish to view property. Absentee payment of bills- Garden upkeep- Accommodation/CAR HIRE- Interpretation to/from Greek, English, German, Swedish.

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